We have officially started our rebranding from Swish A to Swish World Group. The new brand will encompass our place as a truly global group of companies. In this article, we have listed what will be changing in the coming months:

New Domain Names

By the end of September 2023, all our existing domains (swishhost.host, swishtech.tech, swishshop.shop, etc) will change to fall under our new domain (coming soon). So, SwishHost will show as host.swg.group and SwishShop will show as shop.swg.group.

New Brands

By the end of 2023, we will introduce SwishEducate, SwishRadio and SwishHolidays. This will round up our 2023 business year and will allow us to work into 2024 with more new brands to be released.

New Websites

Alongside our new domain names, our web development team have been hard at work to redesign our website look. They’ve been ensuring that our customers can more easily access our services from across the world.