Welcome to the Swish World Group

Formed in 2023 following the collapse of the Swish A Group. The Swish World Group encompasses the best known Swish-brands.

Led by James van Houten. The Swish World Group is led by an individual who has a passion for not just the Group but also for the industries that the Group operates in.

The Swish World Group operates globally from China to the UK, the Netherlands to America. We are proud to be an all-inclusive employer hiring people from all walks of life and challenging them to help our mission grow.

Our Green Mission

Throughout the Swish World Group, our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint can be seen. From SwishHost, where 100% of our data centres run on renewable energies to SwishTech where we use recycled materials that would have ended up in e-waste and landfill.


The Swish World Group recognises its responsibilities to tackle climate change working alongside all our partners in industries spanning the globe. We want to ensure that our planet returns to being healthy.

Our Brands


SwishShop is our online e-commerce marketplace where people can buy and sell anything and everything they want to.


SwishHost is our web hosting arm where anyone can get their own website online with a host of other features available.


SwishTech is our technology-business. Providing customers with a high-quality personal technology goods.


SwishTelecoms is our internet service provider. Operating in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Netherlands – SwishTelecoms is a number one choice for reliable, high-speed broadband.


SwishNews is our independent news agency. SwishNews remains committed to professional, reliable journalism.


SwishJobs is our online employment agency website. Whether, you’re hiring or looking for a new job – SwishJobs is the choice website for you!