Swish World Group, a leading player in the business conglomerate sector, has announced the successful acquisition of a 2.5% stake in JustEat Takeaway N.V. This strategic move marks Swish World Group’s entry into the thriving global food delivery market, solidifying its commitment to expansion and innovation.


The acquisition underscores Swish World Group’s vision to diversify its investment portfolio and capitalize on the growing demand for online food delivery services. JustEat Takeaway N.V., a prominent player in the industry, provides a strong foundation for Swish World Group to participate in the dynamic and evolving landscape of the food delivery sector.


“We are excited about the acquisition of a 2.5% stake in JustEat Takeaway N.V.,” said James van Houten, Group CEO at Swish World Group. “This strategic investment aligns with our goal of staying at the forefront of emerging markets and delivering value to our stakeholders. JustEat Takeaway N.V. is a well-established player with a solid reputation, and we believe this partnership will bring mutual benefits as we navigate the evolving dynamics of the global food delivery market.”


The collaboration between Swish World Group and JustEat Takeaway N.V. is expected to foster innovation and operational synergies, creating new opportunities for both entities to enhance their market presence. Swish World Group remains committed to responsible and strategic investments that contribute to its long-term growth and sustainability.


This acquisition is a testament to Swish World Group’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to identifying and capitalizing on opportunities that align with the evolving needs of the global marketplace.

About Swish World Group:

Swish World Group is a technology conglomerate with a focus on hosting, manufacturing and more. With a track record of successful investments and a commitment to innovation, Swish World Group continues to be a driving force in the global business landscape.