The end of another year. One filled with trials and tribulations. From the coronation of King Charles III to Israel and Palestine being at war.


As I sit and listen to the fireworks already breaking here in Amsterdam. I find myself realising how tough a year it has been for everyone. A year where loneliness is becoming an ever greater issue alongside suicide. I, myself have sadly lost a close friend to suicide and the trail of destruction that it left behind with their family and friends is heartbreaking and rocks one to his core.


Throughout the year, Swish changed names from Swish A to the Swish World Group. SwishNews grew it’s reader base, SwishHost grew it’s customer base and we streamlined our base of operations to ensure greater cost effectiveness. Together, we have faced off threats to our business from Germans and Dutch people and we have grown together.


I would like to pay special thanks to Noa Scipio, without who I think we would all be in trouble. His calm and reassuring leadership during troubled times has left it’s mark on everyone and for that I am forever in gratitude.


Have a Happy New Year and I hope 2024 brings you much joy and happiness.