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SWG = ”mobile solutions for healthcare, wellbeing and entrepreneurship”;


”SWG Group Oy is a software company based in Tampere, Finland. SWG Group was founded by Socialsoft Oy and the company's focus is in eHealth. The company's administration and sales department operates from the offices in Tampere and Helsinki and the production department from the office in Pori. The company's core value is to create software-based services that are easy to use and provide its users with the best experience with the least amount of effort.”

class = CEO;
”Over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing.”

class = COB;
”Dedicated investor and multi-line entrepreneur.”

class = project.leader;
”Over 15 years of experience in tech and software projects and UI/UX design.”

class = lead.developer;
"Full stack developer with over 15 years of experience in demanding software projects."

class = senior.AD;
"Over 15 years of experience in graphic design, marketing and advertising."

class = marketing.advisor;
"Advertising agency CEO and advising partner."


stemGO {
"stemGO is Scandinavia's first healthcare field standardized, fully mobile device-based care information tool. The strong identification of a professional card also occurs on mobile devices. StemGO allows patient data to be read,stored or send directly into national central database or other patient information system. The StemGO application requires a Bluetooth smart card reader to work. SWG Group is also the official importer of these specified Bluetooth readers."

StemGO Premium will be launched in fall 2020 with online appointment scheduling calendar with common payment methods and E-invoicing as added features
url = "http://www.stemgo.fi";


SC.Pro.Medical {

SC Pro Medical is now manufactured for Finnish and Swedish healthcare smart cards. SWG Group, in cooperation with its partner Secmaker AB, has created a card reader application and a backend system for it. At all stages of the project, SWG Group is responsible for project management, task coordination and all communications.

The function of the card application is to read the data of the smart cards from the smart card reader decive via Bluetooth and pass it on to the custoumer application or other system. The card application is implemented on Android and iOS platforms and distributed through application stores. };

Customers can purchase these products either together or separately, with following brands or whitelabel.